Hello world!

I have taken the plunge!  I started my portrait photography business and, apparently, blogging plays an important part in this business so simply pressing that shutter on my camera is no longer enough to get things started.  I have to be able to put “digital pen to digital paper” too!

I need to start spreading the word within the digital world so I have thrown myself in at the deep end!  I’m not a good swimmer so please bear with me while I struggle to put this blog together.  It will be slow. . .  🙂

About Ann - Portrait Photographer, Surrey & Hampshire

I"m a portrait photographer based in Godalming, Surrey, UK. I primarily photograph children and families using available light (preferably natural light), but I also do headshots and product photography.
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7 Responses to Hello world!

  1. Ponso says:

    Manay, finally caught up with you. I do not know if you received our Christmas postcard. If you did, you will know that Johay and I have moved to Singapore and that our California house is on the market.

    I am very excited about your new venture. With your keen sense of empathy and all-around good taste, I am sure you will make a great portrait photographer.

    My contact number in Singapore is +65 9102 6226 and my email address is alpoblete@gmail.com. Stay in touch,

    More later.

    • Ann says:

      It’s great to hear from you. We didn’t get your Christmas postcard but that’s probably due our Christmas post getting into a real spot of bother because of the snow! You must be telepathic because Chris and I thought about you the other week when we were in Portugal, and wondered if you and Johay and are now back from Singapore. Didn’t know that the temporary posting has turned out to be permanent – you must be thrilled! I am thrilled too, because now we have a place to stay in Singapore. We are actually going home for Christmas this year so will plan to spend some time with you in Singapore. Will be in touch 🙂

      I don’t believe you’ve seen any of my portrait work yet, have you? What do you think?

  2. Lexy says:

    Wow!! At long last, you have plunged into the unknown world of self-employment. 🙂 Lola Ann, I envy you that you have really gone all out to pursue your passion. Rest assured that even though photography is an expensive undertaking, once you have the right connections, I am sure you will be successful. Guapo kaayo imong mga photos Lola Ann. More power to your website and more ummpph to your gusto in being a successful enterpreneur. I will be a regular fan of yours here that’s for sure! Cheers!! Go 79ers!!!

    • Ann says:

      Scary, huh?! I must be out of my mind, starting a business like this when times are hard, but I thought that if just keep on thinking about it then I’ll never do it so there’s no better time than the present 🙂

  3. angelica says:


  4. Cathy Jaro-Thongsri says:

    Hi Ann! The pictures look great!! I would love to have a photo shoot if I were in the area. You did a very good job!! Keep it up! I am proud to be part of your group in facebook. It makes life interesting and beautiful. Looking at the nice pictures evokes positive feelings and it is magnified because we know the photographer. Good luck and may you have many many more photo shoots to come!

    love, Cathy from Chicago

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